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September 17, 2013
How to Maintain Your Vinyl Siding
At JJ’s Renovations we are proud to be able to provide vinyl siding installation services to our customers.  
Vinyl siding can add greatly to the look and value of any home.  One of the main gripes with siding is that 
it becomes difficult to maintain.  However, by taking a few extra steps to care for your vinyl siding, you can 
ensure that maintenance is simple, pain-free, and increases the life of your siding.

The first thing that you need to be aware of with vinyl siding is that most problems come from the 
installation of the product, not the product itself.  At JJ’s we provide a flawless installation that will meet 
your highest expectations.

Next, it’s imperative that you keep your vinyl clean.  Leaving dirt or stains on the siding can cause it 
to stain or age faster than it should.  You can clean your siding with a soft-bristle brush and a product 
like Simple Green.  Alternatively, you can opt to use a power washer on your vinyl.  If you go this route, 
ensure that you keep the nozzle of the power washer a safe distance away from the siding in order to 
prevent damage to it.  In addition to this, spray the power washer at eye level so as not to get water 
behind the siding.

Cleaning your vinyl siding multiple times per year is ultimately the best thing that you can do to maintain 
it.  However, there are certain things that can damage your siding that you should be aware of.
Extreme heat can damage vinyl siding and cause it to melt.  That being the case, keep heat-producing 
products away from your siding.  These include things like grills and fire pits.  In addition to this, extreme 
cold can cause your siding to become brittle.  If you are experiencing a particularly harsh winter, take 
precautions to ensure that your vinyl will not be struck with any debris such as rocks, branches, etc.

Whatever you choose to do with your siding, ensure that you do not paint it with a dark color paint or 
stain.  These dark colors can absorb sunlight and cause your siding to heat to dangerous levels and 
possibly melt.

There is also a possibility of chemical damage to the siding.  Certain gardening products can be 
damaging to siding and you should avoid using them near your siding.  These include things like 
insecticides and herbicides.
There is nothing quite like a home with well-maintained vinyl siding.  It contributes to a classic look that 
is simply unbeatable when compared to many modern homes.  Although beautiful and inexpensive, vinyl 
siding will require you to put in a few extra hours in order to maintain it.  However, take it from us here 
at JJ’s: it’s worth it.  If you are experiencing problems with your current vinyl siding and would like us to 
come take a look and provide a quote, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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