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Beautiful ceiling designs can transform a room. JJS Renovations can give you great ceiling ideas to make your home more appealing.

Types of Ceilings

Conventional Ceiling - Conventional ceilings may be either flat which looks like the texture of your walls or textured that has a stucco like feeling.

Cathedral & Vaulted Ceiling - A cathedral ceiling provides a high sloping line up to the top of the house. A vaulted ceiling extends a room upward. Both provide a spacious feeling and make rooms feel larger.

Vaulted ceilings are more often found in first floor living or family rooms, they are also being employed in dining rooms, master bedrooms and master baths.

Tray Ceiling - A tray ceiling is an artistic element added to select ceilings to give them personality and a unique attribute.

Tray ceilings start horizontally at the wall intersection at a standard height and then are built upwards in a cut out resembling a tray.  The cut can be vertical or angled, and the tray itself can be 6 inches to a foot or more deep.  Sometimes there are a series of steps for an even more dramatic effect. A tray ceiling can either be "dropped" or "raised" depending on what is above the room, and what the ceiling height is.

Cove Ceiling - Cove ceilings have a rounded concave surface. This may be incorporated into arched doorways, hallways, or other areas where a fluid effect is desired.  

These types of ceilings are a rare art form. it's difficult to create a perfectly curved ceiling, because most building materials are designed to provide flat surfaces, and it takes extra materials, time, skill and creativity to craft the symmetrical effect.

Cove ceilings generally curve up from every wall.  It'll be hard to find one even in homes at the upper end of the spectrum.

Beam Ceiling - Made of wood or other substances which are typically laid across conventional ceilings to add dimension, color, clarity or interest.

They can either be load bearing (incorporated into the actual structure of the home) or lighter weight faux beams that are applied purely for visual effect.  This type of ceiling effect is not as popular as the more modern approaches and is more typically applied to rustic décor.

Coffered Ceiling - A coffered ceiling is best described as, "creating a raised and indented checkerboard across the ceiling". A coffered ceiling is usually created by framing a series of interconnected vertical and horizontal lines across the ceiling. The lines are then covered in sheetrock and finished similar to a normal ceiling. 

The individual boxes are then often trimmed with moulding - layering of which can be wider and thicker as the price goes up, especially in very high-end estate homes.  Stained coffered ceilings are firmly in the luxury price point.

This type of ceiling is not nearly as common as a tray ceiling, but is more common than cove ceilings or barrel vault ceilings.

JJS Renovations can install any of these ceiling in your home to give it that extra classy look.

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